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Create a demo xapp that allows bridging an asset like an NFT from Ethereum, Polygon, or Avalanche to Celo




over 2 years ago



1975.48 USD


Cross chain applications (xapps) using Optics are a new way for moving assets between chains. We are looking for a live (testnet okay) example of this between one or more chains that Optics is running on to demonstrate the usefulness of this functionality.

Current xapp developer documentation can be found here. You may also review the token-bridge xapp docs here.

Review this video that walks through the concepts around xapp development.

This issue will be considered resolved once the following is completed:

  • There is a live example of a xapp deployed to testnet (Alfajores) or mainnet that allows bridging erc-721 and erc-1155 NFTs from Ethereum, Polygon, or Avalanche to Celo.
  • There is documentation:
    • explaining how the xapp works
    • design considerations and trade offs
  • At least one NFT has been bridged between Celo and two networks

The Gitcoin bounty will select multiple winners (up to 3) that fulfill the requirements listed above in the required time period. Up to three developers will be selected to submit solutions.