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Our team is building a product that integrates into Compound (

In order for our testing we were trying to deploy a fresh version of Compound to a testnet in order to test all edge cases.

The documentation for deploying is primarily focused on adding new assets to existing test chains and does not cover deploying a full new system that would help test future protocol changes, even with their deploy tool Compound Eureka (

We are looking for someone to deploy Compound, and document step by step the process so we can replicate it.

Since we think other developers likely face such similar challenges we are going to keep this guide open for all.

You should:

  • Use a fresh Digital Ocean Ubuntu droplet.
  • Document all steps, starting with any installs or updates performed to the server image.
  • If you run across errors, or fixes, the solutions to these should be documented as well.
  • Deploy the protocol to Rinkeby (or another Ethereum testnet)
  • Document any initial configuration steps.
  • Document any contract verification steps.

The successful deliverable is:

  • A copy of the Compound protocol deployed to a testnet, verified on Etherscan, showing working test transactions for an asset.
  • A step by step guide to replicating this flow.