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CLAIMED: 💰 Token Gate Calendly 💰 $15k USD




in over 262 years



3577.5 USD


Token Gate Calendly Links

Status: Open

Reward:: $15k USD - Bounty will be paid in $RLY for USD equivalent on date of payment. As of posting, $15k USD is 62,500 $RLY

Timeline: 1 Month


Description: A system for gating access to someones Calendly, effectively allowing only a creators coin holders to book time with them

Use Case: Creator X wants to provide 1 on 1 coaching to some of their coin holders and is opening slots on their calendar

Considerations:: Completed project MUST be opensource. Ideally done in javascript

Ability for creator to set number of coins or NFT needed to gain access to calendar Low/no code for creators Open source

Reward $15k USD in $RLY (62500 $RLY)

  • $12k USD upon submission being approved by QA
  • $3k after 60 days of maintenance, bug fixes, etc

Resources: Rally API Rally NFTs Calendly API Mintgate API

Notes: Only one applicant will be chosen to handle this bounty. Upon approval, applicant will work with Rally to get needed levels of approvals. We are looking for submission of this project within one month. Approved applicant is chosen by Rally staff. No internal staff will be accepted for this bounty.