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This my current file:

It was derive from a .ts file and i change some of the parameter, shoot out error and not working, if i compile using ts it will work fine, maybe something not right.

In simple i need a nodejs file that can

  1. Input private key
  2. Input Pancakeswap Address (eg 0xced4f946febcac72d6727c07de5b2664b2267a6f) which is token of HOGE
  3. Work for 9 decimal place / 18 decimal place but i am fine if i need to manual change it
  4. Input buy amount in BNB (eg 0.02 or 0.5 or more etc)
  5. console.log(txnHash) or print out error message (not just error word) but the details if anything happen ,eg wrong slippage, insufficient bnb or token does not exist etc.