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Build SimpleGrants Product - Bring Quadratic Funding to Web2




over 1 year ago



1000 USD


web3studio is building a web2 Quadratic Funding tool called Simple Grants.

Simple Grants is a forkable QF tool that anyone can fork + deploy in their local community. Think Gitcoin Grants but with a clean codebase for web2.

High Level Requirements:

  1. Open Source
  2. GREAT Dev Experience including easy forkability + setup. strong doc skills
  3. Landing page that tells what the project is
  4. Enables Grant owners to create/maintain a grant.
  5. Enables funders to input a credit card to fund a grant.
  6. Enables round operators to build a QF campaign in their local area.
  7. Built in any tech stack you'd like. Please indicate which tech stack you prefer.

Myself and @garysheng are going to be running weekly design sessions in which we plan out high fidelity requirements & action items. We are looking for product leaders & engineering leaders to join the initiative. If this looks like you, please apply to this bounty (link your resume/relevant experience) and if you are a fit we will ask you to join some design sessions.

Product Lead

  • Responsible end to end for success of the product strategy.
  • Proficient at running stakeholder interviews, building relationships, and building product roadmaps.
  • Can approach problems from both a qualitative and quantitative angle.

Engineer Lead

  • Proficient in bringing the app from 0 to 1
  • Proficient backend, frontend coder.
  • Can integrate designs into a usable UX.
  • Demonstrated experience in making a forkable open source repository that has a positive experience for developers to build upon.
  • Can build on any tech stack, but Kevin prefers python.


This is a bounty to refer said person to us. I have up to $1k in rewards ill pay if you refer (or if you are) the person who we end up working with on this project.

How to submit work

  1. Email with an intro to the person who is a fit for those role.