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[Bounty] Support more platforms on `proof_server`




over 1 year ago



1000 USD



  • Platform
    • [x] Gitcoin
  • Experience
    • [x] Intermediate
  • Category
    • [x] Next.ID ProofService
  • Time Commitment
    • [x] 2 weeks
  • Bounty Size
    • [x] $1000

tl;dr: support more social or gaming platforms on proof_server

Bounty Description

We want to bring more platforms to proof_server. For now, proof_server performs proof_post fetching by API or single HTTP GET.

proof_server is designed to prove "An Identity and an Avatar is held by the same person".

Let's take this assertion into 2 parts:

"I" hold this Avatar. "I" hold this identity. 1 equals "Generate a signature using secret key of this Avatar".

2 equals "Make an action using this identity".

Here we reach 1 and 2 with Proof Post mechanism.

To make proof_server supports more and more services, we want our community endorsers to help us bring platforms like facebook, xbox, instagram etc. to be available on proof_server.

Design goal

  • The new platform should be able to let users themselves to using proof_post prove their identity.
  • The new platform should be a new platform that proof_server is not available now. Please check our current supported Platform List.

Winner Info

We will select up to 2 winners and each will receive at least $1000 as the winning prize.

Submission Info

Please make sure you read through our docs to understand our mechanism before starting your hacking. You will need to create a pr to this repo to submit your work.

Contact Info

@hominluo @nykma here or Telegram for any question regarding how to work on Next.ID.