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[BOUNTY]: Integrate in-game NFTs and an ERC-20 currency into a mobile game using Tatum's SDK for Celo




almost 2 years ago



1481.61 USD


Integrate in-game NFTs and an ERC-20 currency into a mobile game using Tatum's SDK for Celo

Challenge Description

Tatum is a fan of Celo. The fast transaction times, low gas fees, and full EVM compatibility. To celebrate Tatum and Celo's ongoing relationship, let’s do a bounty!

Integrate in-game items as NFTs, make your own in-game ERC-20 currency, generate wallets for your users, and create a stunning and immersive blockchain gaming experience on Celo.

Submission Requirements


  • Completed GitHub repository linked in your Gitcoin submission.

Judging Criteria

The Celo team will pick the top 3 submissions if they meet the quality requirements.

  • We do not expect submissions to be production quality!
  • Clean, organized, high-quality code - You can use any language to build your NFT marketplace.
  • Creativity/Ingenuity - How creative is your marketplace?
  • Design - How usable is your marketplace? Did you spend time improving the UI and UX? How usable is your app? Did you spend time improving the UI and UX? Is there a consistent design language?
  • Features - Which features have you added to the marketplace?
  • Scope of Work - How much time and effort did it take to complete this project?
  • Extra Media - Does the submission include images, screenshots, and/or videos?

Other Requirements

  • All contributions/PRs to public (Celo) repositories should be open source and should follow the contributions rules of the relevant repository.
  • All non-code documents should be using Markdown format.
  • In the project description or repository readme, include a proper security notice. E.g., it should tell the visitor the project is not audited and should not be used in a production environment.

Funding Currency & Amount

Winning submissions will receive $1.5k worth of CELO or cUSD. A maximum of 3 submissions will be accepted.


The first 1,000 users who start building on Celo with Tatum will get all of the features of our Basic plans absolutely free for the first 3 months. That means you 200 API requests per second and 5,000,000 requests per month without paying anything out of pocket.

To apply for your free Basic plan, just sign up for a free API key in the Tatum Dashboard, fill out the application form below, and as soon as you’re approved, your Free plan will be upgraded to a Basic plan for the next 3 months!

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