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[Bounty] Help us expand the `relation_server` social graph with more data sources




over 1 year ago



2000 USD



  • Platform
    • [x] Gitcoin
  • Experience
    • [x] Intermediate
  • Category
    • [x] Next.ID RelationService
  • Time Commitment
    • [x] 2 weeks
  • Bounty Size
    • [x] $2000

tl;dr: Expand the relation_server social graph with more data sources

Bounty Description

relation_server search other third-party "identity <-> identity" relation creation / query service, and aggregate the results into one query. Except our Next.ID's DID bindings, we are also fetching the identity relation from different data sources like rss3, keybase and knn3.

relation_server fetch data from Upstreams When performing a data fetching process, RelationService will

  • Iter all available upstreams which can handle this query
  • Request and collect results from each upstream available
  • Newly fetched data will be fed into this circulation again, until no new data is yield.

To better understand how it will be processed, you could also check We are aiming to bring the identity graph to the social graph next year. To better support this goal, we need more data sources to be available in relation_server.

Design goal

  • Understand how does GraphQL work. We need you to clean up and match the data structure we currently supported. About how does relation_server currently run, the actual code can be found at src/upstream/ -> pub async fn fetch_all() definition.
  • The new data source you want to work on should not be our current-supported one. ProofService Keybase SybilList RSS3 KNN3 CyberConnect ETH Leaderboard TheGraph for ENS

Winner Info

We will select up to 2 winners and each will receive at least $2000 as the winning prize.

Submission Info

Please make sure you read through our docs before starting your hacking. You will need to create a pr to this repo to submit your work.

Contact Info

@hominluo @nykma here or Telegram for any question regarding how to work on Next.ID.