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[Bounty] DApp hosting for




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  • [x] DApp Hosting
  • [ ] NFTs
  • [ ] File Storage
  • [ ] Protocols
  • [ ] sManager
  • [ ] Toolkit
  • [ ] Documentation
  • [ ] UX

Part1: Problem Description

Crust Network provides a decentralized storage network of the Web3.0 ecosystem. But besides providing decentralized content storage and verification, Crust can be used for building and hosting decentralized apps (DApps).

Banksy Finance is a decentralized NFT finance hub that will provide an NFT cross-platform ecosystem. To achieve the goal of a fully decentralized NFT finance hub, Banksy Finance will host its interface through IPFS.

Since Uniswap DApp has already been hosted on Crust Network through Github Action. We are expecting community developers to do the same thing for Banksy Finance's next-generation DApp.

Part2: Deliverables

  • Build the static website for Banksy Finance (tested)
  • Add Crust Github Action as CD under Banksy Finance's main branch
  • Merge the new  Github Action CD code to Banksy Finance's main branch

Part3: Resources

Contact and Support

  • @zikunfan
  • @MyronFanQiu
  • @newnewnewsms
  • or join Discord