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[BOUNTY] Build revamped subgraph for VoxoDeus NFT




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The following is an issue for bounty, meant for external contributors to pick up and work on the analytics of VoxoDeus NFT.


VoxoDeus is the first large scale interactive 3d NFT collectibles on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The VoxoDeus contract can be explored over here

Task Description

This project requires to build out a subgraph for the VoxoDeus NFT with the following requirements:

  1. Able to query a list of all minters efficiently
  2. Able to query a list of all holders efficiently
  3. Able to query a list of current holders efficiently
  4. Able to query by user address, and this should show the unique ids of VoxoDeus NFT’s minted + held + historically owned + numbers for each
  5. Able to query a list of top minters, top holders and top historical holders

Bonus Task

  1. Able to query a list of all sales related to VoxoDeus NFT on OpenSea
  2. Able to query a list of sales by user for VoxoDeus NFT’s

Definition of Complete

[ ] Working subgraph explorer on TheGraph [ ] Create a PR into this repo with the new working subgraph [ ] Completed all the requirements described in Task Description section [ ] Sample queries for the tasks described in Task Description section [ ] Documentation of the subgraph

Useful Resources

An example subgraph is also available here. Note that this sample was hacked together pretty quickly in the past and may not be accurate, and doesn’t have the entities required to be able to match the requirements above, but should be a good starting point.