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Bounty Amount: 10 NEAR Days to Complete: 14 (11/30 end...


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Bounty Amount: 10 NEAR Days to Complete: 14 (11/30 end date) Available Claims: 3 Skillset: Web development Relevant members: @null @bluestar1207 @mudaxirmalik @CloudMan @Toby(silly-goose.eth)

Summary: We need to build an NFT marketplace inside or alongside our WordPress installation using Mintbase.js. Currently we have a one-page landing page for Once this is complete, users will be able to see all of our NFTs for sale, either on a subdomain or built inside of WordPress on a dedicated page.

Documentation: Our NFT Store: Example (demo): Example (GitHub): Logins: contact @Douglas PC Φ Biz Tech or @OG Dan for login credentials to Namecheap, WordPress, etc

Look and feel will need to be consistent with landing page design (background colors, button colors, etc)

BG hex color: #111535 Button/accent hex color: #4328b7 font (body): Arial size 18px font (h2): Press Start 2P size 45px$$$$