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Best use of the Tezos blockchain to empower games.




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9900 USD


Bounty 3: Best use of the Tezos blockchain to empower games.

Challenge Description

Think about ways to leverage the Tezos blockchain in an innovative way or solve an existing problem in the gaming space of your choosing!

Prize Bounty

  • $6.9K in tez for the best technical solution
  • $2K in tez for best concept
  • $1K in tez for best idea/most creative solution

Submission Requirements

Technical solutions:

  • Submissions must be open source (MIT license)
  • Technical solutions must have a working prototype deployed live on the current testnet
  • Technical solutions must list the addresses of their token contracts
  • Submissions must have a writeup on what the product backlog for reaching 'completion' looks like


  • Submissions must be open source (MIT license)
  • A working prototype of the UI or a design prototype
  • A feasibility plan with a description of the architecture and tooling that are needed to build the project
  • The limitations of the project on the Tezos blockchain including the potential risks and security questions
  • A committed team for building prototype


  • Ideas must have whitepaper or a document of with reasonable font size and margins, written to the standards of a scientific publication (including citations for all non-original material)
  • And a detailed presentation or a video explaining the main concepts
  • Details about technological solutions that could be used for the project
  • A proven understanding of the Tezos blockchain and it’s ecosystem

We reserve the right not to pay out prizes if none of the applicable submissions meet the minimum criteria.

Judging Criteria


  • Does the code work?
  • Is it secure?
  • Is the documentation clear and easy to follow?
  • How easy is it for the ecosystem to make use of it?

Design and UX:

  • Do user flows support user agency (through direct flows, meaningful feedback, and clear explanations)?
  • Does the interface use consistent, accessibility-minded patterns?


  • Appropriateness: How applicable is the proposed solution to the proposed problem?
  • Novelty: Innovativeness of the whitepaper
  • Depth: are potential risks, issues and challenges appropriately addressed?
  • Feasibility: How feasible is the implementation, looking at the current capabilities and limitations of the Tezos protocol?

Winner Announcement Date

Winners will be announced on 12/09/2022, with payouts to be completed within 7 days.