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DeBot to manage your Tezos wallet

DeBot for the Ever Surf app, through which a user connects to a Tezos wallet and makes transactions. DeBots are smart contracts with a chat-like interface, like Telegram bots.

Detailed criteria here, problem solutions:

The published solutions of this problem

  • DEvergence — DEMO —
  • Tyler's philosophy — not DEMO —
  • Equity philosophers — DEMO —
  • Unknown brain — DEMO —
  • ShiroKovka — DEMO —

It have been tested, the result will be announced on April 26 at 18:00 (Kyiv) - the analysis report will be published and the winner will be announced to receive a prize of $10k in EVER.

Until this moment, everyone has the opportunity to receive an additional 🎁 prize of 5 QUBE (~$308) for an interesting question on the work and technology of DeBot. ~~Questions must be submitted by April 27, 17:00 UTC~~ ~~Write questions in a language convenient for you in response to this post.~~

All questions were interesting, it was very difficult to define one and call it the best, but we did it.