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<p align="center"> <a href=""> <img src="" title="source:" alt="ArGo logo (light version)" /> </a> <h2 align="center">ArGo Bug Bounty Program</h3> <p align="center"> Launching the ArGo Bounty program to find bugs and vulnerabilities in our system. This allows us to involve our community in development activities and also solve critical issues before we go LIVE! </p> </p>

How can I participate?

It's is open to everyone, you just have to raise an issue at and submit the issue URL in the gitcoin

Check out our docs to know more about us

When will I start finding the bugs?

ArGo team will follow a first come first serve basis model, and they will send out Welcome emails in batches, each batch will consist of a maximum of 1000 participants. These participants will be able to highlight the bugs on GitHub.

So once you receive the Welcome email from the ArGo team, you can start finding the bugs. If participants outside of the batch raise any issues, they will not be entertained in the Bug Bounty Program.

What will be the process of highlighting the bugs?

  • Bug must be raised on GitHub by using the <raise issue tab>
  • Please mark the <criticality> of the bug by labelling the issue with any of these low, high, critical
  • If it's a UI related issue then the developer must use ui-bug as label and issue type label use critical or high or low depending on the bug

Please check out the video to understand the process

ArGo Bug Bounty Program

What will be the different criticality levels of the bugs?

There will be three types of bugs that participants can find in the system:

  • Critical: (bugs that can stop our entire system) - System Issue, Smart Contract Bug, Security Vulnerability, UI Crash, etc.
  • High: (bugs that will not create any loss but improve the system) - Security Issues (but will not create that impact which critical can), System Issue (ex false data), Smart Contract Bug, UI issue (this will be bugs that will create a user confusion related to funds and other features)
  • Low: (bugs that will not cause any big issue but it’s good to have them rectified) - UI issues (ex formatting issues, component load issue, refresh issues), Security Issue

How much can I win as per the criticality level?

  • Top 3 people who will find the most critical issues, will be getting $500 each
  • Top 3 people who will find the most high-level issue, will be getting $300 each
  • Top 10 people who will find most low-level issues will be getting $50 each

Things you must do

  • We will release the payment to multiple contributors depending on the bug they are submitting
  • Please make sure, to provide your eth wallet address while submitting the bug
  • Please make sure to join our discord channel for any queries related to the app

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