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Android GAUGECASH Wallet




about 2 years ago



14400 USD


Hi Everyone.

GAUGECASH is the World’s First Decentralized Monetary System. Read more at

We are about to release a much-needed service for the world. We have partnered with and to implement the theoretical Economics breakthroughs of GAUGECASH on the blockchain.

We want the developers DeFi Community, here at Gitcoin, to help us produce the last piece of the puzzle: A Mobile Wallet for Google Play, Appstore, and any explorer.

Will separate a team for each Native App. This Bounty will be for the Android App.

Prize Bounty

We will pay in USDC between 60 and 90 per hour. You will need to provide a timeline for the deliverables, and we will come to an agreement accordingly. Will pay 30% of the Job in GAUF = 1 USD. It Is the Value of the Pre IEO sale on our website.

Front End

We want the UI to be as intuitive and straightforward as possible; this means.

  • Great look and feel without compromising functionality.
  • Least number of steps to accomplish the desired functionality.
  • Prioritize Security and Efficiency over everything else.
  • Clean and tested code.

We have created a design that is the least expected. (You can propose changes that improve design and functionality without losing the use case.)

Use Case (Functionalities).

  • Sign in. We will use the same method for storing the private key as
  • Show MATIC/USD, GAU/USD data feeds coming from
  • Balances.
  • Swap.
  • Send and Receive for both Tokens.

Back End.

We will provide the addresses for connecting to our smart contracts on Polygon’s Network, but you need to develop the web3 architecture logic to handle queries to the Network.

Developers Profile.

We are looking for developers to know what they're doing. We want people to bring solutions and take the initiative. We are open to discussing topics for the development on its key aspects, but you need to get arguments why it would be best to do it a certain way or not, so we can take decisions.

If you need micromanagement or we need to explain much more than the info provided here, you probably are not suitable for the job.


We need to keep the code updated and running bug-free as we grow. We would require you to provide a plan for this purpose.

Markets and Regulations.

GAUGECASH's main markets are Latam, Africa, Eastern Europe, China, and Southeast Asia. We want you to research and have a general idea of crypto regulation for putting the native app on the different app stores worldwide. In other words, the question is whether any regulation implies changes in the development?