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An Anti-Sybil Dashboard for round health




over 1 year ago



4000 USD


Building an Anti-Sybil Dashboard for Round Health

Prize Bounty

Winners will split $4,000 paid out in ETH

Challenge Description

In this challenge, you will tie together one or more Legos into a Dashboard that gives at a glance the health of a round or airdrop, or similar.

There is a rough example of the dashboard screen on the OpenData Community Discord, pinned to the hackathon channel.
That channel is #databuilder-hackathon-2023.

You can read more about the concept of Legos in this guide on the Gitcoin Forum:

Submission Requirements

Please use the Ocean Protocol to submit your Dashboard. More information about how to use the Ocean Protocol is available in this FAQ:

Judging Criteria

As mentioned above, this bounty in particular is about designing and implementing a useful Dashboard. In addition - the judges will look more favorably on those submissions that utilize decentralized approaches. In the context of this bounty - this could mean taking a pro open source approach to the design.

You may also wish to compete to package one or more algorithms into a Lego.

Winner Announcement Date

Winners will be announced by February 14th, 2023.


There is a hackathon channel in the OpenData Community discord called #DataBuilder-Hackathon-2023. You can join the OpenData Community discord here

You can access OpenData Community resources including relevant FAQs and tips:

Additionally, we have prepared a dataset for your use that includes information about recent grants rounds with Unicef and with Fantom: