This bounty is no longer available
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Ambassador Task: Create a Token on TokenMint Platform and Write an Article or Blog or Publish a Video About Your Experience









Create your own token on Horizen’s new TokenMint Platform and document steps/findings using the Google Docs template. Then write an article or blog about your experience.

Scope of work:

Token Creation:

Create a new token on the TokenMint platform. You need to provide:

  • A link to the forward transfer transaction from Horizen block explorer
  • A link to the token Creation transaction from TokenMint block explorer
  • A link to the token Mint transaction from TokenMint block explorer
  • UUID (Unique ID) of your newly created token
  • Transfer at least 100 of your newly created tokens from Cobalt wallet to this address: 83ecb830eed782080ee13bec4870051d77556647bac0f25335340e655ac1ddb6 (Lookup the transaction on the TokenMint block explorer, paste explorer transaction link in your submission)

Document every step and findings, particularly transactions, by providing links from TokenMint block explorer. Please note, that you should provide links to transactions, not to addresses.

Also, provide at least one piece of feedback for each component: Sphere by Horizen, Cobalt, Token Generator, and TokenMint block explorer. This might be UI/UX issues, missing features, if it worked fine for you, etc.

Finally, add your mainnet ZEN address for the bounty payment and fee reimbursement - it will be used to uniquely identify your bounty claim request once the report is approved by the Horizen team. Please note, that you will also have to prove ownership of the mainnet ZEN address by signing a message in Sphere by Horizen (or your preferred way) to get fee reimbursements. You must sign the following message:

I <3 TokenMint

Article or blog or YouTube video:

This article/blog/video can be any length but must cover:

  • What is TokenMint
  • How to get ZEN
  • How to get Sphere and Cobalt wallets
  • Where to find documentation and resources
  • The steps required to do a forward transfer, create a token, mint it and transfer it

Schedule Milestones:

This task may only be completed by an official Horizen Ambassador or pre-approved person. For the task to be considered complete, it will need to be reviewed and approved by the Horizen team. The team may request edits be made to the article before approval.

If you are not an ambassador and would like to be approved for this task, contact erica [at]

Ambassadors that accept this task must provide twice a week updates during the period they are working on the task.

Budget: $50 in ZEN per person + a refund of 10 ZEN token creation cost, 1 ZEN token minting cost (up to 10 participants)