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Algorand Community Champion - Location - New York, United States


Algorand Foundation


over 1 year ago



3000 USD


Algorand Community Champion - Location - New York


  • Short Description: Algorand Foundation Community Champion
  • Bounty: 3,000 USDCa per quarter (or equivalent ALGO tokens) (US residents will receive USDCa and have to opt-in to receive the asset in their wallet)
  • Payment Frequency: Quarterly
  • Estimated Time Commitment: 20-25 hours per month


Alongside our community, the Algorand Foundation is on a mission to build a global, borderless economy. To achieve this, we are empowering the world's most scalable, secure, decentralized, inclusive and green blockchain ecosystem - at scale - on the Algorand blockchain.

We now invite you to apply to join us in this mission, and we are excited to announce the expansion of the Community Champions Program. Community Champions will fall into one of three (3) categories: Location Community Champion, Vertical Community Champion, Digital Community Champion.


THIS APPLICATION IS FOR: Location Community Champion (New York).

The Location Community Champion is responsible for growing awareness and community participation in New York through local events, meetups, and regional social media engagement. Tasks and objectives are coordinated with the Foundation Community Leads.


Must be passionate about Algorand's technology and ecosystem, committed to representing Algorand and growing the #algofam in your community. You will be an important part of our community team and in many cases, you will be the first interaction someone will have with the Algorand ecosystem. You must be willing to accurately represent Algorand’s mission and purpose with transparency, integrity and inclusivity.


  1. Host one event per quarter (virtual or physical TBD with your Foundation Lead)
  2. Support virtual events and related community calls in your region
  3. Attend and represent Algorand at local events regularly
  4. Management of your regional online community
  5. Provide post-event and activity reporting with metrics


  • Event registrations & attendees
  • Wallets Downloaded & Opened
  • Regional Social Channel Growth
  • Community & Foundation Lead Feedback


1. Tap “express interest” on the bounty and let us know who you are and why you should be chosen for this role. 2. Submit your interest formally via this Community Champion Application form.

Thank you for applying to the Algorand Foundation Community Champions Program, we're grateful for your dedication and support. Once we've reviewed the applications, we will contact chosen candidates with next steps, no later than February 10th.


  • Champions will begin work March 1st.
  • First quarter (Q1) will be pro-rated, payment for March work will be provided 1st week of April.
  • Beginning April 1st, payments will be submitted via quarterly calendar.


  • Do not start work until you have been approved and notified officially by the Algorand Foundation team.
  • Taking this bounty task means you have agreed to our Bounty Agreement terms and policies.
  • Potential Conflict of Interest In the (rare) event that you, or a business that you’re affiliated with, have received a grant, funding, or investment from Algorand Foundation, you need to disclose to Algorand Foundation at the time of application, and must maintain objectivity in your conduct as a Community Champion. If you find yourself in a situation where there could be a potential Conflict of Interest, you must recuse yourself. Any sign of Conflict of Interest in your duty as Community Champion will be grounds of immediate dismissal from the Champions program.