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Add support optional fields in Everscale web tools




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Everscale web tools — — Generic contracts UI and blockchain data visualizer.

Everscale Executor ( — a tool for interacting with the contract, just upload the ABI, it also works for the local network.

Everscale Solidity support optional fields optional(Type) but Executor not support optional fields.

For example SEW game ABI form project Everscale-SEW it deployd in testnet 0:ebd9085679adb983930b991814f02d497b902c87a9b240c6ede49008aca12a1f image

Everscale Serializer (

image image

Describe the solution you'd like Everscale Executor must support optional fields as pull request into

  • [ ] Add a component that will allow you to wrap others in optional (for example, through some kind of toggle)
  • [ ] Add support to the Rust input parser
  • [ ] Add this type to the serializer so that you can use it in function signatures/cell structures

Additional context the architecture is interesting in addition to TypeScript, Rust is used which compiles to wasm for subsequent use in the browser, this is used to work with data types.