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Add support for providing liquidity in `Uniswap V3`




over 2 years ago



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With uniswap v3 out and growing in TVL, we need to also support it so that Plexus users can be able to add, increase, decrease and burn liquidity in Uni v3 pools.

So please create a new contract called WrapAndUnWrapUniV3.sol  and add this functionality.

For further reading, please check out the official docs on how to go about this


5 days


Plexus is a DeFi dashboard and asset management tool that provides users with a rich User-experience, by aggregating many of the top DeFi protocols in one seamless interface.

DeFi has grown quickly in a short amount of time, with protocol usage and TVL increasing by an order of magnitude in less than a year. But this growth has also lead to growing pains such as fragmentation of liquidity, market saturation, and user friction. To solve this Plexus will be bring clarity to the noise and have a seamless and intuitive user-experience.

The Plexus team is seeking talented developers to help create a more robust system by adding support for providing liquidity in Uniswap V3.

RFP Requirements

  • Create a new contract called WrapAndUnWrapUniV3.sol and add this functionality
  • Ensure that users are able to set ranges and provide and remove liquidity
  • Please also add test cases that check for both pass and fail scenarios for providing liquidity in UNI v3.
  • Create adapters for UNI v3 position manager vaults such as Charm or Visor

Acceptance Criteria/ Deliverables

  • Must be consistent with current WrapAndUnWrap.sol contract and solidity compiler version
  • The WrapAndUnWrapUniV3.sol contract fully supports adding and removing liquidity for Uni v3 complete with the relevant test cases.
  • Background design methodology and brief documentation of implementation encouraged
  • Natspec documentation required
  • Create adapters for UNI v3 position manager vaults such as Charm or Visor
  • Optional: Blog post or Social sharing (tweet) about adding support for UNI v3 for Plexus, and encourage users to use the LP wrapper and Main App (The Plexus official twitter and team will support and circulate the post with the discord and social outlets)