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[Request for Contribution] OP Contract <> Project Mapping








There currently is no onchain identification of what contracts belong to which apps. To get around this, we have a system in Dune Spellbook, where we can map contract deployer addresses to project names, and automatically associate any contracts they create.

The output of this structure - All known contract <> project mappings is in this dashboard.

This requires manual upkeep. If you notice any missing mappings, you can contribute by:

  • Adding a deployer address (address who created the contract) to project name in the Dune spellbook here. Note: Since we'll associate of their contracts to a project, check that this mapping appears to be deterministic.
  • Add a one-off label to the contract in the Dune spellbook here. This is useful for when it's unclear if the deployer address belongs to the project, or other edge cases.