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[DOCS] Revise transaction fees/gas estimate page








problem: Trouble with gas estimate on OP Chains (5). Developers often time have trouble estimating the cost of gas fees on OP Chains. This has been improved with the developer experience pod’s fee-estimation library. However, there is still general developer confusion on how L2 gas fees work.

Solution: The confusion is around putting it all together. EIP1559 on L1 and L2, is something folks are still wrapping their head around. we should rewrite the transaction fees page and split it into

  • [ ] overview: give context on how estimation and send are 2 separate problems, and overall context on how to read this page. how to estimate fees easily: best practice for devs is to let the wallet set it. Likely @eth-optimism/fee-estimation until op-viem ships is the best way
  • [ ] frontend estimation use: You can use the sdk, fee-estimation, or follow the explanation on this page, especially in the “displaying fees to users” section
  • [ ] backend sending use (the core of the confusion from that issue): This is exactly like ethereum, just need the L2 execution fee section and the “sending transactions section”
  • [ ] faq section (see below)