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Q4 2023 ethereum.org product roadmap


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To make our work more accessible and to foster more community collaboration, our team publishes an overview of our quarterly roadmap goals. See last quarter's roadmap here: #10666.

Greetings fellow Ethereans!

Our vision with ethereum.org continues to be to create the best portal for Ethereum's growing community. We’re an educational resource focused on helping onboard millions of visitors to Ethereum each month. Here's a look at our major Q4 initiatives to advance this vision.

Quick point of clarification: this is the roadmap for ethereum.org the website, not Ethereum the protocol. If you’re looking for the Ethereum roadmap, check out information on upcoming network upgrades and learn more about Ethereum governance.

With that out of the way, let’s dive in.

πŸ–ŠοΈ Writing cohort v2

The engagement with our May 2023 edition of the ethereum.org writers' cohort was so impressive that we're excited to announce we'll be running a second cohort! Registration is already open, and the cohort starts on October 20th.

The writers' cohort is a 3-week online writing program for anyone interested in writing about Ethereum. During the cohort, participants will attend weekly workshops, publish articles on topics of their choice, and receive support and feedback from our global community.

Join the ethereum.org's writers cohort

πŸ¦„ Plan 2024 community acknowledgements

For the contributors πŸ‘€!

In Q4, we'll plan our contributor acknowledgement campaign for all of 2024, including different types of acknowledgements, different platforms we plan to use, tiered acknowledgements for different types of contributors, and a unified contributor campaign to further reward contributing to ethereum.org

πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡· Devconnect prep

Devconnect is set to be the biggest Ethereum event in 2023, and the entire ethereum.org team will be attending! This initiative will cover everything from ensuring we all arrive safely in Istanbul to creating swag for and organizing an ethereum.org event for contributors while we're there.

We hope many of our outstanding contributors will attend, and we'd love to see you there! If you plan to be at Devconnect, give us a ping on Discord!

πŸ“œ Redesign menu navigation

Our website's has grown to over 300 pages. The more pages that exist, the harder it is for users to navigate and find information.

We've noticed a few problems: a lack of user guidance, difficulty finding content in the subpages, difficulty finding new content, and visual inconsistency between menu items.

In Q4, we'll redesign the menu navigation to improve the user experience, with the goal of implementing the changes in early Q1.

🍁 Design system: content tabs and third-level navigation

Our Design System is an ongoing initiative started in 2022. As we move forward, we'll continue comprehensive breakdowns of our plans each quarter.

In Q4, our focus will be on:

  • Redesigning our third-level navigation concurrently with the main navigation overhaul
  • Streamlining the design of content tabs across the website

We welcome your thoughts – we'll share our progress and seek feedback in our design channel on Discord. Want to get involved? Join us on Discord!

πŸ‘› Find wallets design improvements

The Find Wallet page is a crucial component of our website, with a high traffic volume and an intricate UI/UX design. Due to its high impact, we will further improve its functionality and user experience in Q4 by:

  • Rethinking the mobile experience, as this page receives the highest mobile traffic.
  • Improving the wallet selection process for new users
  • Reviewing filters and personas to reflect ecosystem developments

Join our Discord to get involved and see updates on the design changes

🌱 Seed phrase page

While we have content on wallets, password security, and accounts, we need better content explaining how seedphrases work.

These foundational topics can empower users to understand the importance of these words, why keeping them safe matters, and how to use them.

We'll write more detailed, technical information in the future, but for Q4, we'll focus on beginner-level content, including:

  • Demystifying the terminology
  • Illustrating how these words can generate multiple keys
  • Clarifying that key generation adheres to a standard and alleviating concerns about longevity and transferability
  • Highlighting common threats, behaviours to avoid, and strategies to bolster security

Want to learn more? We’ll share our brainstorming and work-in-progress in our content channels on Discord

πŸ“‰ GitHub Zero!

During Q4, we will increase the time we, as the core team, spend reviewing GitHub issues and pull requests. The goal will be returning to maintenance mode we have outlined for issues and pull requests.

Friendly reminder that we encourage input from the community you're free to review and give input to any open issue or pull request.

🍴 Dencun Content Updates

The next major Ethereum upgrade, Dencun, is expected for a Q4 2023/Q1 2024 release. This upgrade will drastically reduce layer-2 fees via the Proto-Danksharding (EIP-4844) implementation.

In Q4, we will:

  • Introducing content related to the upgrade
  • Advising node operators to update their setups
  • Educating users about the changes and their impact

πŸ›£οΈ 2024 roadmapping and budget

2023 was a big year for ethereum.org, and we want to make 2024 an even bigger one. As part of this initiative, we'll devote time to planning out our roadmap and budget for 2024 by reflecting on what we've done, where we are, and where we want to go.

If you're interested in the longer-term vision of ethereum.org, join our Discord. We'll plan our completed high-level plans with the community by the end of the year!

πŸ•ŠοΈ Migrate to NextJS

A carry-over project from Q3, our goal is to transition our website from Gatsby to NextJS, completing the move in Q4.

A significant chunk of our Q4 efforts will be channelled towards testing and quality assurance of the migration. We'll be relying on the community to help us test for bugs and issues. Join our Discord to help!

πŸͺ Migrate Platform to Netlify

We currently use Gatsby Cloud for our weekly website builds and deployments. Unfortunately, Gatsby Cloud is being discontinued, with its services stopping on October 30th.

In Q4, we'll transition from Gatsby Cloud to Netlify. This will ensure our contributors continue to benefit from preview deploys on their pull requests and that we can continue to release new content weekly without interruption.

πŸ’― Quizzes bug

In Q2, we launched our new and popular quiz hub.

Due to some technical details of how it was built, we can't add new quizzes to the hub. In this relatively small epic, we will refactor the quiz hub code to enable us to expand the quiz hub to include the 10+ new quizzes we've already written πŸŽ‰

Want to help? Learn more in the GitHub issue.

How does that sound?

We always appreciate feedback on our roadmap - if there's something you think we should work on, please let us know! We welcome ideas and PRs from anyone in the community.

Get involved: Learn more about contributing, hit us up on Twitter, or join the community discussions in our Discord.