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[FEEDBACK] Update op-stack getting started








In this section https://stack.optimism.io/docs/build/getting-started/#deploy-the-l1-contracts, after you broadcast the L1 contracts the folder that gets updated is deployments/goerli and the folder you make deployments/getting-started remains empty. The follow command to generate the genesis and rollup files assumed deployments/getting-started is populated but it's empty and errors. I have been copying the goerli folder to getting-started to be consistent with the command Step 4 in https://stack.optimism.io/docs/build/getting-started/#configure-your-network asks you to put your PRIVATE_KEY in the .envrc but doesn't specify using the raw privkey and not the hex prepended 0x... key I don't think there's a section on which address/steps on how to bridge back out (understand this takes a while to actually execute, but unless I missed it I don't think the info is there) Small note when you're configuring your files to change the batcher inbox address to something arbitrary would be helpful to users Proposed ETH amounts for Admin — 2 ETH Proposer — 5 ETH Batcher — 10 ETH is probably a bit high, Goerli is super cheap 🙂 Pin the optimism and geth tags/versions here https://stack.optimism.io/docs/build/getting-started/#build-the-optimism-monorepo - trying this guide from a latest tag has many config values missing or missing steps, I am using v1.1.4 and it seems fine The RPC port by default is 8545, a note on which piece of the software has the flag to change this and a note about ssl setup with it would help