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#4 Any Off-chain Dapp using iExec




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🟡 Topic |

iExec Tooling: anyone can claim this bounty, deliver the integration, and get rewarded in RLC.

🟡 Description |

Create an application using iExec to execute deterministic computational tasks off-chain, while the computational result is brought back on-chain.

🟡 Innovation potential - what iExec tech is used? |

Using iExec for Off-chain computation of deterministic tasks

🟡 Expected deliverable |

Simple UI with a button to run the application/task

📚 🛠 Technical Documentation to follow |

Find a list of useful links for builders

iExec 'Quick start' & 'My first application" tutorials here:

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🟡What are the eligibility criteria for a proposal?

Your project submission:

Must use the iExec Tech Stack Must not use someone else’s code Must provide full documentation and resources


60 days after your request to work on the bounty is accepted