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2FA DApp - TOTP Algorithm running on iExec




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🟡 Topic |

iExec Tooling: anyone can claim this bounty, deliver the integration, and get rewarded in RLC.

🟡 Description |

Double authentication solutions are often used on centralized services, unfortunately, today, few decentralized services bring these security tools to users

Most of the security holes appear when executing transactions on Wallet custody. A simple validation step can cause significant losses for users of decentralized services. Indeed, if a user gets corrupted, a malicious transaction can be executed and the wallet whistles. iExec always aims to protect its users' assets by allowing them to access custody services to ensure their security.

The purpose of this bounty is to develop and implement a Dapp to run a TOTP algorithm on iExec using Metamask Snap feature.

🟡 Innovation potential - What iExec Tech is Used? |

  • iExec SDK -
  • Deploy Dapp and Check Deployed Dapp -
  • iExec Dapp Registry -
  • Publish check pending, execute an order -

🟡 Expected Deliverable |

  • An UI allowing any user to register his wallet account for 2FA
  • An iExec 2FA Dapp for running the TOTP algorithm
  • A snap that connects itself to iExec 2FA Dapp
  • A complete README explaining how the project works with all dependencies (including a functional diagram of the proposed solution)

📚 🛠 Technical Documentation |

💬🔧Discord Tech Support Channel:

If you’re interested in this bounty, come to say hello on Discord and introduce yourself!

🟡What are the eligibility criteria for a proposal?

Your project submission:

  • Must use the iExec Tech Stack
  • Must not use someone else’s code
  • Must provide full documentation and resources