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40000 USD



Messari is looking for experienced subgraph developers to help build out a set of subgraphs. The subgraphs will be built out for the following protocols:

  • MakerDAO
  • Abracadabra
  • Liquity
  • Inverse Finance

You are free to pick any (or all) of the four above protocols to work on. We will award 10000 USDC to a subgraph implemented for each of the above protocol.

The subgraphs need to be built according to the following schema:

The resulting subgraph will be open source and hosted publicly either on The Graph's Hosted Service or Decentralized Network. Anyone will be able to query and use these subgraph data.

Feel free to contact @v_for_vincent on Telegram or Twitter for any questions.


The schema is well documented and has comments explaining each entity/field. Below are some examples of the data you will need to map/compute for the subgraphs:

  • Events/Transactions
  • Market-level information
  • Revenue/Fees
  • Usage information
  • Reward emissions (liquidity incentive)

Make sure you have a clear picture of the following before you start:

  • How to calculate fees/revenue/TVL etc for the protocol you want to work on.
  • How to calculate the reward emissions (liquidity incentive)
  • How to compute the USD prices within the subgraphs
  • For protocols that are deployed multichain, you will need to make sure your subgraph works on all chains

Before you start, please put together a smart contract interaction chart similar to the one below to show us your understanding of the protocol. You only need to include smart contracts that are relevant to the implementation of the subgraph. Please also label the events/calls that you will need from each contract. You are free to use any software you wish.

Please send the interaction chart to before starting. We will not approve the work request unless you submit a chart.

Uniswap v2

Submission Requirements

  • Submission needs to strictly follow above schema
  • Code needs to be easy to understand and well-documented
  • All calculations (e.g. Revenue, TVL) need to be accurate (verified against other sources)
  • Completed subgraph needs to index fully and sync to head

After you start, please give us a weekly update on your progress so we can keep track.

Work Plan

  • Please tell us which subgraphs you are planning to build. If you decide to work on multiple, let us know the order in which you plan to do.
  • If you've built subgraphs previously, please include a link to either the deployed subgraph or the Github repo.
  • Please let us know your estimated timeline.


  • 10000 USDC will be awarded to the winner of each subgraph upon completion
  • You can work on multiple subgraphs and win multiple rewards

Please contact @v_for_vincent on Telegram or Twitter for more information.


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