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Your best work is getting noticed as the stars align. In GitHub, developers can add stars to others’ projects to highlight their importance. You can see all the repositories and topics you have starred by going to your stars page. It’s also one solid way of measuring the quality of ones’ developer contributions. By claiming this badge, you can show off the number of stars you have on your best-performing repositories. You can earn the first level, Padawan with only 2 cumulative stars. While you earn more stars, you can come back and bridge your stars. Staragazer ranks

  • Padawan: 2-15 stars
  • Knight: 16-63 stars
  • Consular: 64- 127 stars
  • Legend: more than 128 stars Note: To follow the ERC-1155 standard, the amount of Stargazer tokens minted will be be equivalent to total amount of GitHub stars you have. You can mint more Stargazer tokens as your star rate increases!
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